Women's History Month 2022: List of Resources

Examining Gender Justice and Patriarchal Violence in our Historical and Current Work

At the Center for Constitutional Rights, we have moved and continue to move in solidarity with gender-oppressed people targeted by institutions designed to reinforce, as bell hooks theorized, “white supremacist, imperialist, capitalist, (cis)heteropatriarchy.” Our vision of gender justice is wide-reaching and ultimately rooted in Black feminist organizing: we follow the lead of Black feminist cultural workers, organizers, and intellectuals because Black radical feminisms continue to offer to us a political vision of freedom that deliberately encompasses those of us on the margins of the margins.

This Women's History Month, we have chosen to intentionally reflect on the history of Black feminist resistance through the modals of political education, oral histories, writing, and archival work. The work of archiving is a necessary task as it reminds us of the strategies and expertise we already have at our disposal to fight for more abundant futures filled with self-determination. In honor of the rich legacy of litigation and advocacy alongside our movement partners against patriarchal violence, we have curated a resource list of our historical and current gender justice work centering the experiences and vision of Black cis/trans women, girls, non-binary, intersex, and transmasculine people.

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April 14, 2022