Palestinian Solidarity

The Center for Constitutional Rights has long challenged impunity for the Israeli government’s violations of international law related to its illegal occupation of Palestine, U.S. support that enables Israel’s violations, and efforts to punish activists for speaking out in solidarity with Palestine. We have sought transparency and accountability for Israel’s deadly attacks on a 2010 flotilla that sought to break the blockade on Gaza and the U.S. knowledge of and response to the attack; sued Caterpillar for providing bulldozers to Israel, knowing they would be used to unlawfully demolish Palestinian homes; and litigated to hold Israeli officials responsible for war crimes. We have also litigated to protect speech in the U.S. on this critical issue; challenged the selective enforcement of immigration laws in defense of Palestinian activists singled out for deportation because of their political beliefs; and partnered with Palestine Legal to document efforts to silence advocates for Palestinian human rights and provide them with legal support and advocacy. This work fits into the Center’s longstanding commitment to international accountability for human rights abuses wherever they occur; to protecting the right to dissent; and to speaking up for what is right, even before it is popular.