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February 23, 2017
To mark the 23rd of the month, invoking the 23 hours per day that prisoners spend in their cells in the SHU, activists throughout California are taking action to bring attention to prison conditions. Below Richard Wembe Johnson , a named plaintiff in CCR's lawsuit challenging longterm solitary confinement, Ashker v. Governor of California , shares his experience of being released into the general prison population after years in solitary confinement, following a settlement in the case, which effectively ended longterm solitary confinement in CA prisons. We are also excited to have a note from...
Letters from Detention
January 27, 2017
Last night, CCR and The Jerome L. Greene Performance Space at WNYC , in association with The Public Theater's Public Forum , hosted an evening of storytelling and conversation about CCR’s Supreme...
Mike Pompeo
January 13, 2017
Congressman Mike Pompeo is ill-suited to be CIA director. His résumé is impressive: West Point valedictorian, Army officer, Harvard Law graduate, successful businessman, and a multi-term congressman...
Starship Enterprise faces the Borg Cube
January 5, 2017
Many of us bid 2016 goodbye with a toast of “good riddance” – what with the deaths of cultural icons like David Bowie and Prince, the Pulse massacre, the horror of Aleppo, and of course the rise of...

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