Abusive Immigration Practices

The U.S. government has a long history of violating the civil and human rights of immigrants, who often lack political power and access to justice. From our early support of the Sanctuary Movement and our representation of HIV-positive Haitians held in Guantánamo to our legal challenges to warrantless home raids in Latinx communities and the religious profiling and illegal detention of Muslim, South Asian, and Arab (MASA) immigrants following 9/11, the Center has fought to defend the rights of vulnerable immigrants and empower their communities. We are challenging the religious profiling and illegal detention of MASA immigrants; providing direct legal support to activists; bringing to light the expansion of immigration enforcement and privatized detention as key features of mass incarceration; and responding to the Trump administration’s cruel escalation of Obama-era policies. Through Freedom of Information Act requests and litigation, CCR has bolstered efforts by grassroots immigrant rights groups to force government transparency about policies like Secure Communities, the detention bed quota, and raid operations.