Courtroom arguments, films, panels, rallies and more – there are many ways to connect with other CCR supporters, learn more, and join in our work.

May to Jul
26 to 5

CCR is thrilled to support Witness Against Torture’s #foreverhumanbeings campaign to raise awareness of the 41 men who remain detained at Guantánamo, including CCR clients. Guantánamo has always been...


CCR Executive Director Vince Warren will join a distinguished panel to discuss the multi-layered effort to protect civil rights that has developed as a result of the new administration's policies...


CCR is pleased to cosponsor the next No Separate Justice vigil, which will focus on the U.S. government’s use of Special Administrative Measures (SAMs) and highlight the case of Ahmed Abu Ali who has...


Raise Your Hand features a side-by-side orchestra of student musicians performing alongside professional musicians, and include guest speakers such as activist and youth mentor Antonio Hendrickson...

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May 5, 2015