Discriminatory Policing

CCR has tenaciously challenged discriminatory policing for decades, recognizing that discrimination and police violence do not arise as isolated incidents but are deeply embedded within our criminal justice system. We have challenged both local law enforcement (most notably the NYPD) and federal agencies (such as the FBI, DHS, and ICE) on behalf of communities of color, Muslims, LGBTQI people, and immigrant communities. We have challenged these practices in numerous iterations, from racially discriminatory stop-and-frisk practices to the post-9/11 surveillance and harassment of Muslims; from legislation that unequally punishes LGBTQI people to the unlawful and terrifying law enforcement raids of immigrant homes. Our litigation and advocacy work supports broader organizing efforts by our clients and partners, and in turn has often become a focal point around which affected communities rally. CCR has been a proud supporter of and participant in these efforts. Most notable in this regard is CCR’s deep collaboration with Communities United for Police Reform, which successfully mobilized New York City to #ChangetheNYPD.