Dominic Renfrey

Corporate Capture, UN Human Rights Mechanisms, Economic, Social, and Cultural RIghts

Dominic Renfrey

Advocacy Program Manager

Dominic Renfrey is an Advocacy Program Manager at the Center for Constitutional Rights. Dominic comes to the organization as an expert in supporting movement organizers to achieve corporate accountability for human rights abuses and combating "corporate capture," which concerns undue corporate interference in political and legal decision-making. Dominic has almost 20 years of transnational campaign experience, which has involved leading corporate and investor advocacy strategies, supporting litigation efforts, and undertaking varying levels of UN advocacy. Dominic is also an experienced campaigner in the ongoing fights against environmental inequality and the global effort to end the Israeli government's belligerent military occupation of Palestine. 

Dominic is a board member of the Project on Organizing, Development, Education and Research (PODER) in Mexico and a co-founding member of the Global Treaty Alliance, working to develop a UN treaty to regulate corporate human rights abuses.

Before joining the Center for Constitutional Rights, Dominic spent five years with the International Network for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ESCR-Net) supporting the 75 grassroots members of their global Corporate Accountability Working Group. He also worked for many years alongside activist organizations in Australia and various places in Asia providing advocacy support in national, international, and corporate-centered campaigns to seek accountability for corporate human rights abuses.