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News: Biden’s first Guantánamo transfer


Biden’s first Guantánamo transfer 

The Biden administration has officially transferred Abdul Latif Nasser out of the infamous Guantánamo Bay prison.

We are relieved that Mr. Nasser, who has been detained for 19 years without charge, has finally been transferred out of Guantánamo and sent home to Morocco – the administration must now transfer all of the remaining cleared men, including our clients Sufyian Barhoumi and Sharqawi al Hajj, without further delay. 

While this transfer is a step in the right direction, the administration has much to do to fulfill President Biden's mandate to close the prison and show greater respect for human rights. In addition to increasing the pace of transfers, the government must purge torture from all detainee-related proceedings, afford detainees due process rights, and, as the U.S. formally withdraws from Afghanistan, finally abandon the already tenuous legal justification for indefinite “preventative” detentions that have been premised on preventing a return to an imagined battlefield. As we approach the 20th anniversary of 9/11, it is long past time to close Guantánamo and reckon with 20 years of injustice and harm.

We wish Mr. Nasser well and hope that he may soon begin the process of rebuilding his life and healing after two decades were stolen from him by the United States government.

 image of Lisa Crooms-Robinson and Leila Hissini. Crooms-Robinson is on the left. she is a Black woman wearing black rimmed glasses with her hair in a natural afro and gold hoop earrings. on the right is Leila Hessini she has short gray hair large silver hoop earrings, and is wearing red lipstick. around her neck is a plum-colored scarf

Please join us in welcoming our new board co-chairs: Lisa Crooms-Robinson and Leila Hessini 

During our last board meeting, June 23, 2021, our board elected two Co-Chairs, Lisa Crooms-Robinson (Professor of Law, Howard University) and Leila Hessini (Vice President, Programs at Global Fund for Women). We are so honored to welcome them into their new roles and look forward to continuing to deepen our connection with them as our co-chairs. They have replaced the former Board Chair, Katherine Franke, whose term recently expired after three years in the role and nine years on the board. We are so grateful to Katherine for her wisdom, leadership, and tireless effort to support the organization, our work, and the clients and communities we represent. While she has transitioned out of this role, we continue to rely on her counsel to guide and center us for the struggle ahead.


We’re looking for a fall graphic design intern! 

In addition to our search for legal interns for the fall term, we have also launched our search for a Graphic Design Intern for 10-12 hours a week between September and December 2021.

They will work with the Graphic Design Associate to prepare visual presentations by designing art and copy layouts. This position will be completed remotely.

In this role, the student intern will report to the Director of Communications and assist the Graphic Design Associate in an educational environment that builds upon the graphic design skills learned in the classroom. During the semester, the Graphics Design Intern will also have the opportunity to take part in department meetings and other discrete activities.

For more details on the qualifications and duties of the role, and to apply, head to our website.


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July 26, 2021