Episode 46: Guantánamo at 20 - you asked, we answered

January 21, 2022

Center for Constitutional Rights Advocacy Program Manager Aliya Hussain, Senior Managing Attorney Shayana Kadidal, and Senior Attorney Wells Dixon answer questions about the state of Guantánamo after 20 years operating as an offshore prison for Muslim men and boys in the so-called war on terror. We marked the 20th anniversary with a virtual rally, op-eds, media interviews, and an event that we organized, Guantánamo, Off the Record: 20 Years in the Fight. For that event, we collected questions to find out what people really wanted to know. In this episode, the three delve into  those topics, from indefinite detention and torture to the ultimate question about Guantánamo: What will it take to finally shut it down?


Guantánamo, Off the Record: 20 Years in the Fight, Video of FB live here

Rupture and Reckoning: Guantánamo Turns 20: Several Center for Constitutional Rights staff members contributed essays, two of our clients, Djamel Ameziane and Ghaleb Al Bihani, contributed art, and our client Majid Khancontributed poetry to this European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights anthology.

Twenty Years Later, Guantánamo Is Everywhere, an essay in The Boston Review by Legal Director Baher Azmy

Cutting Edge Issues in Year 20 of the Guantánamo Habeas Litigation, an analysis in Just Security by Shayana Kadidal

Guantánamo Isn’t Ancient History. It Has Become a “Forever Prison,”  an oped by Wells Dixon in Truthout

The Center for Constitutional Rights Guantánamo issue page, which has links to cases, profiles, articles, videos, fact sheets, and more.

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