Gifts of Stocks/Funds

Stocks, Mutual Funds and IRAs

(For questions or assistance please email or call 212-614-6448)

How to Donate Stock

You can donate stocks to CCR. If you have appreciated stock, a donation may be tax-wise, allowing you to avoid capital gains tax. You are also eligible to receive a charitable contribution deduction equal to the mean value of the stock the day it is transferred. You can transfer stock directly to CCR by contacting our broker:

Michael P. Moffitt
Senior Vice President, Senior Portfolio Manager, Financial Advisor
Morgan Stanley Wealth Management
1200 Lenox Drive, Suite 300
Lawrenceville, NJ  08648
609-844-7921 (Direct)
800-659-0650 (Toll Free)
609-844-7950 (Fax)
DTC #: 0015 (please contact CCR for the account number)

We often receive checks from our broker for stock without the name of the individual making the donation. Please contact Theda Jackson-Mau at 212-614-6448 or to give us the name of your stock and the number of shares. Doing so will enable us to make sure that we acknowledge and receipt you for your generous gift.

Make CCR the Beneficiary of Your Retirement Plan

You can help secure the promise of future progressive legal work simply by making the Center for Constitutional Rights beneficiary of your:

  • Retirement plans, such as an IRA, your 401(k), 403(b), etc.
  • Bank and brokerage accounts.
  • Paid-up life insurance policy.

Taxes on retirement plans left to non-charitable beneficiaries can be as high as 70%, so you are often better served to bequeath other assets to your heirs. Even better, the assets will bypass the probate process and go directly to CCR.

Once you decide to name CCR as a beneficiary of an account, simply contact your account administrator and provide our address and tax identification number on your beneficiary designation form.

Center for Constitutional Rights
Attn: Theda Jackson-Mau, Director of Department
666 Broadway, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10012
Tax ID# 22-6082880

Last modified 

March 15, 2017