Center for Constitutional Condemns Trump Rule Change Allowing Discrimination in Access to Healthcare for LGBTQIA+ People and People Who Seek Abortions

June 12, 2020, New York – The Center for Constitutional Rights issued the statement below in response to the Trump administration's change to Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act today. 

The Center for Constitutional Rights condemns the Trump administration’s decision to deny LGBTQIA+ people and people who seek abortions protection from healthcare discrimination in the middle of a pandemic. No one should be denied access to lifesaving healthcare because of who they are. 

The rule change eliminates vital anti-discrimination protections under the Affordable Care Act that prevent transgender people, pregnant people, and people who have had abortions from being denied access to healthcare or insurance. The rule change also impacts the ability of non- or limited English speakers to access healthcare. 

For more information on the rule, visit the Center for Constitutional Rights advocacy page.  

Read the full text of the public comment we submitted in August denouncing the proposed change.

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June 12, 2020