Stop and Frisk 10 years later: how many more stops?

August 21, 2023
Amsterdam News

...A decade later, while we commemorate this legal and organizing breakthrough, we’re also taking stock of its impact, and the stark truth is stops are actually on the rise again. 

The latest Monitor’s report…found that nearly all– 97% –of those stopped by the NYPD’s Neighborhood Safety Teams (Mayor Adams’s version of the notorious plainclothes anti-crime units) were Black or Latinx. At the time of the 2013 ruling, which deemed the police’s racial profiling unconstitutional, about 85% were of Black or Latinx New Yorkers. 

Ten years ago, we united to end stop and frisk – now advocates are uniting behind the How Many Stops Act (HMSA), which consists of two measures designed to increase transparency into the NYPD’s most common interactions with New Yorkers...

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August 21, 2023