No Indictment in N.Y. Chokehold Death

December 2014
Courthouse News

"How can anyone in the community have faith in the system now?" said Vincent Warren, executive director of the Center for Constitutional Rights, in a statement.

"First Ferguson, now Staten Island. The grand jury's failure to indict sends the clear message that black lives don't matter. But they do," Warren continued. "It's bad enough that broken-windows policing over something as harmless as selling untaxed cigarettes led to this tragic killing; it's even worse when the officer responsible - who was caught on tape using a prohibited chokehold, no less - is not held accountable."

Warren said he believes the tensions between the city's black community and police are systematic, and blasted Commissioner Bratton's so-called "broken windows" policy, predicated on the notion that cracking down on relatively minor crimes prevents worse offenses.

"We need real reform of discredited broken-windows policing and of the NYPD more than ever," Warren said.

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December 8, 2014