ICC and Palestine Symposium: Prosecuting Settlements as War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity–The ICC’s Jurisdiction over the Occupied Palestinian Territory

February 19, 2020

...the movement of 600,000 Israeli Jewish citizens into the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, is not achieved through the actions of government actors only.  It is furthered by the settlers themselves, who act jointly and with a common purpose to seize and/or settle on occupied Palestinian territory and displace Palestinians. The Center for Constitutional Rights represented Palestinian plaintiffs in seeking to intervene to bring counter-claims against individual settlers who had initiated a suit against Airbnb in Delaware following the company’s announcement that it would delist settlement properties; after Airbnb and the settlers entered a stipulation of dismissal, the Palestinian plaintiffs intervention motion and counter-claims were dismissed, without consideration given to the merits of the argument. ...

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February 19, 2020