Free Speech, Unless You're Advocating for Palestine

December 12, 2018
Pacific Standard

...In the aftermath of Salaita's un-hiring, the Center for Constitutional Rights and the non-profit organization Palestinian Legal collaborated on a report entitled "The Palestinian Exception to Free Speech." In the report, it detailed 300 incidents in which campus authorities, often pushed by powerful donors and politicians in the United States and Israel, attempted or succeeded in suppressing pro-Palestinian speech. The report is supported by a white paper from Jewish Voice for Peace, which identified similar patterns of suppression. One common strategy for chilling pro-Palestinian speech, per these reports, is to condemn statements supporting broad Palestinian rights as akin to supporting "terrorism." We saw the same pattern play out in the ruckus over Hill's U.N. speech. Ultimately, Temple's board took no formal action beyond formally condemning Hill on Tuesday. Even that is a mistake, though—one wonders what other speech the board will be called on to condemn, or whether its members consider extraordinary measures only in the case of Palestine. ...

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January 23, 2019