Episode 7: Jaribu Hill: Activist, Lawyer, Storyteller

October 26, 2018


Ian Head, Chandra Hayslett, Jaribu Hill, Aliya Hussain, Angelo Guisado,

On the seventh episode of The Activist Files, your frequent host Senior Legal Worker Ian Head is joined by CCR Communications Director Chandra Hayslett to interview Jaribu Hill, a  civil and human rights attorney and the Executive Director of Mississippi Workers Center for Human Rights. Jaribu is also a former Ella Baker intern at CCR and former director of the CCR’s southern regional office. In the words of CCR Executive Director Vince Warren, if you have an activist, a lawyer, and a storyteller you can change the world—and Jaribu is all three. Listen to the interview to learn all she’s done and continues to do to change the world—from her early involvement with CCR as cultural artist, to her decision to practice law, to her current work using human rights framework to fight discrimination in housing, employment, and voting.