A Vision for Progressive Foreign Policy in the 2020 Elections and Beyond


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Pennsylvania Convention Center - Philadelphia
1101 Arch Street
Room 119A
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Join Center for Constitutional Rights Executive Director Vince Warren at  Netroots Nation 2019 Conference in Philadelphia as he discusses how grassroots organizing, policymaking, legislation, and legal advocacy can work in tandem to create a progressive foreign policy vision alongside Representative Ilhan Omar, American Civil Liberties Union Fellow Noor Zafar, and Campaign Director & Strategist at MoveOn Iram Ali, moderated by Policy Director of Win Without War, Kate Kizer. 

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The U.S. is at a pivotal point regarding how the country sees itself and relates to other countries on the global stage. Trump’s policies have invigorated social justice movements committed to resisting oppression at home and building solidarity with marginalized peoples’ abroad. This panel seeks to articulate a foreign policy vision that progressives can mobilize behind. The panel will be oriented around three core commitments of a progressive foreign policy framework: principled anti-interventionism, ending endless war, and solidarity with global anti-racist and anti-authoritarian movements.

For more information about Netroots Nation 2019, this panel and the panelists, visit the conference page.

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July 10, 2019