The Question of Genocide


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Since the beginning of Israel’s military assault on Gaza following Hamas’s October 7 attacks on Israeli civilians and soldiers, prominent scholars, lawyers, members of the media, and others have raised questions of whether Israel’s actions amount to genocide, and sparked a debate over what remedies such a finding could make available. Join us Monday, December 4, at 2 p.m. ET for a panel discussion bringing together scholars, lawyers, and policy experts to discuss and debate the case for concluding that genocide is taking place in Gaza and Palestine.

The event will discuss what the international community can and should do to stop an ongoing genocide and achieve accountability and justice for the victims, as well as further the public understanding the relevance of the framework of genocide and how it can be applied to hold accountable both perpetrators and those who aid and abet the crime. It will also help add pressure to what has been a long-stalled process of investigation and prosecution of crimes committed in Israel and Palestine.

Speakers: Katherine Gallagher, Senior Staff Attorney at Center for Constitutional Rights; Adam Shapiro, Director of Advocacy for Israel/Palestine at Democracy for the Arab World Now (DAWN); Mike Merryman-Lotze, Just Peace Global Policy Director at American Friends Service Committee (AFSC); Raz Segal, Associate Professor of Holocaust and Genocide Studies and Endowed Professor in the Study of Modern Genocide at Stockton University; Elisa von Joeden-Forgery, Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Lemkin Institute for Genoocide Prevention; Jehad Abusalim, Executive Director of The Jerusalem Fund; Shannon Fyfe, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at George Mason University; and A. Dirk Moses, Anne and Bernard Spitzer Professor of International Relations at the Colin Powell School for Civic and International Leadership at the City College of New York.

This event is sponsored by the Center for Constitutional Rights, American Friends Service Committee, Democracy for the Arab World Now, Lemkin Institute for Genocide Prevention, and Law for Palestine.

Livestream of the presentations will be available on the DAWN Facebook page

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