Conference Against the Use of Drones in Warfare


Add to My Calendar Friday, October 20, 2017 3:30pm to 9:00pm


Duke Divinity School
407 Chapel Drive
Durham, NC 27708

CCR Senior Staff Attorney Pardiss Kebriaei will participate in a conference organized by the Duke Divinity School, which will feature speakers from different areas of expertise discussing the problems with and the ramifications of the use of drones in warfare. She will join panelists Murtaza Hussain (The Intercept) and Majorie Cohn (Professor Emerita at Thomas Jefferson School of Law) in conversation.

Session 1 will take place from 3:30-5:45 p.m., and then they will join Kara Slade, theologian and former aerospace engineer, for Session 2 from 7:30-8:15 p.m.. Visit the conference website to find out more information about the schedule and registration.

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October 12, 2017