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On July 10, CCR's Executive Director, Vincent Warren, will be conducting a teach-in at the Body Politic Intensive at the Gibney Dance Studio in New York City. As developed by Jill Sigman, the teach-ins will address an increasing demand for opportunities to integrate social change with physical practice.

More Information on Body Politic

Body Politic is an intensive laboratory and learning community for people who want to forge connections between their somatic selves and social change. The designed amalgam of movement workshops, activist teach-ins, cohort dialogues, how-to sessions, and independent projects addresses that separation and seeks to unite the thinking body, the moving body, and the activist body in one learning experience. It is a place to think physically, connect with colleagues and collaborators, and together interrogate the question: how do I become the change I want to see while keeping my body at the forefront of my practice?

Visit the Body Politics website to learn more about this month long intensive labratory.

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July 2, 2018