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Frontlines of Justice: Weekly News Roundup

Illustration by John Ritter, courtesy Harper’s

Illustration by John Ritter, courtesy Harper’s

This is CCR's weekly "Frontlines of Justice" news round-up, keeping you in the loop about what we've been up to and what's coming soon. Check it out every Monday, your one-stop-shop for CCR opinions, news coverage, reports from court appearances, upcoming events, and more!

We are thrilled to see Ziglar v. Abbasi, including CCR senior staff attorney Rachel Meeropol, co-counsel Michael Winger, former legal director Bill Goodman, and plaintiff Ibrahim Turkmen in the pages of the June issue of Harpers. In “The Immunity Doctrine,” a painstakingly detailed piece, reporter Julia Harte details the 16 years since Turkmen was taken into custody by the FBI and held without cause. A short excerpt:

When I sought out Turkmen in Konya a few years ago, he met me for breakfast at a local hotel, dressed in a neat gray suit. “I went to America thinking of it as a country of law, a country of independence, as a country that serves as an example to the rest of the world,” he told me. “But I was destroyed there in a way I can’t describe.”

Even after Turkmen left the country, his plight continued to trouble Goodman. That year, he decided to file an ambitious lawsuit on behalf of Turkmen and his fellow detainees. It laid the foundation for a lengthy legal battle that, fifteen years later, could reach its climax this summer, when the Supreme Court hands down its decision. The case poses a simple question: When can the legal system hold accountable those who occupy the highest offices in the land?

This is a must-read story, and it’s available on newsstands. With the end of this Supreme Court session quickly nearing, we are expecting to hear a decision on Ziglar v. Abbasi any day now. Given everything we stand to lose in this political climate, the outcome has the potential to make a profound impact.


Quick news clips

Harper’s isn’t the only splash CCR has made in the news this past week. Here’s a sampling of other outlets:

-          Watch executive director Vince Warren on MSNBC’s All In: James Comey’s firing “isn’t a Human Resources issue. It’s a Constitutional crisis.”

-          In High Country News, a look at Adelanto, California, “a struggling town on the edge of the Mojave Desert that has hitched itself to America’s booming incarceration economy.” It features details cleaned from one of our current FOIA cases, Detention Watch Network v. ICE and DHS, seeking information on controversial immigration detention bed quotas.

-          In Amsterdam News, an examination of the Fire Department of New York’s recruitment practices shows that the department has more work to do diversify its ranks, an initiative that stems from our lawsuit, United States and Vulcan Society v. City of New York


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May 22, 2017