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News: Help us welcome our new Bertha Justice Fellows

 photo of the bertha justice fellows, they are all in front of greenery and looking back at the camera with varied facial expressions

Help us welcome our new Bertha Justice Fellows! 

Four Bertha Justice Fellows will be spending the next two years at the Center for Constitutional Rights getting first-hand experience in movement lawyering.

Remy Burton, Zee Scout, Sadaf Doost, and Mikaila Hernandez are the sixth group of Bertha Just Fellows we have had the pleasure to host.. The program provides aa two-year appointment for emerging lawyers who are interested in gaining practical experience working on cases and a theoretical understanding of how legal advocacy can create social change. 

Learn more about our amazing new cohort on their bio pages, linked above.


Join us at The People’s Forum for Growing Solidarity and Commitment: What’s Next for the Palestine Movement? 

Join the Center for Constitutional Rights, Rawa Creative Palestinian Communities Fund, Adalah Justice Project, and Baladna Association for Arab Youth in person or virtually for a public panel discussion on the Palestine Movement we will be hosting in New York City on Tuesday, October 11, at 6:30 p.m. ET, at The People's Forum.

This panel will address questions such as: What is next for our collective organizing? How can we deepen the relationships we have built, learn from each other, grow our circles, and strengthen our common political visions? How can we claim power on a global scale? How will we resource our next steps? What should be the features and action points of our alliance, and how might we start to build deeper foundations for our common struggles? How shall we resource this work and consolidate more meaningful organizing and ecology for our political action and intersectional solidarity?

Our Executive Director Vince Warren and Advocacy Director Nadia Ben-Youssef will be joining Soheir Asaad of the Rawa Creative Palestinian Communities Fund, Nidaa Nassar of the Baladna Association for Arab Youth, and Sandra Tamari of the Adalah Justice Project as speakers.

Learn more on our website.


“The Activist Files” Podcast: Vision Dreaming for Black Trans Liberation – On Imagination, Mutual Aid, and the Road Ahead 

How do attacks on trans organizing and rights impact related movements for bodily autonomy, reproductive justice, and liberation? On episode 51 of "The Activist Files," our Communications Associate Lexi Webster talks with Imara Jones, award-winning journalist, content creator and thought leader, founder of TransLash Media, and host of the TransLash podcast, and Diamond Stylz, activist, media maker, executive director of Black Trans Women Inc., and host of the Marsha’s Plate podcast, about how the work of movements for trans justice can inform social justice organizing on all liberation struggles.

Listen on our website or wherever you listen to your podcasts!


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October 21, 2022