Monitoring the Trial of Emmanuel Toto Constant

CCR Monitors the Trial of Emmanuel Toto Constant

Emmanuel "Toto" Constant, former death-squad leader and known human rights abuser, has spent the past 14 years - in Haiti and in the U.S. - trying to evade justice, whether it be for rape and other torture of the Haitian people or swindling money out of people and banks in New York. He was a leader of FRAPH (Revolutionary Front for the Advancement and Progress of Haiti) during Haiti's 1991-1994 military rule, which claimed the lives of an estimated 5000 Haitians and orchestrated a systematic campaign of rape and other torture, arson and executions against the residents of the poorest communities in Haiti. In 2004 CCR and the Center for Justice and Accountability (CJA) filed Doe v. Constant on behalf of three women who survived FRAPH’s campaign of violence against women. In 2006, the court found Constant liable for torture, including rape, attempted extrajudicial killing and crimes against humanity.

In 2006, Mr. Constant was arrested for mortgage fraud in New York and the trial began on July 8, 2008. CCR is monitoring the trial to share important information with Haitian human rights activists who anxiously await a day when Mr. Constant will face criminal charges in Haiti for his human rights abuses.

Trial Sentencing Update

On October 28, 2008, Judge Abraham Gerges handed down a stiff sentence for Haitian former death squad leader Emanuel “Toto” Constant who was found guilty on all counts of grand larceny and mortgage fraud this summer. Constant is to serve 12.3 to 37 years for his crimes against the people of New York.

Click here for more information on this trial development and CCR's response to the sentencing.

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Below are first hand chronicles of the events transpiring within the courtroom during these proceedings. (Click on a PDF to reveal the details.)

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