Center for Constitutional Rights Condemns House Vote on Anti-BDS Resolution

Dismayed by Hypocrisy of Lawmakers in Congressional Progressive Caucus

July 23, 2019, New York, Washington, D.C. –
In response to the passage of House Resolution 246, the Center for Constitutional Rights issued the following statement:

“Today’s vote on H.R. 246 exposes the hypocrisy of lawmakers who claim to stand in solidarity with marginalized communities. The tactic of boycott is essential for these communities and their allies to resist oppression and has been critical in ending human rights abuses from segregation in the Jim Crow South to apartheid in South Africa. The constitutionally-protected right to boycott in pursuit of social justice belongs to all people, including those advocating for the human rights of Palestinians. We are deeply dismayed that in this global climate of repression, lawmakers have chosen to silence dissent rather than double their efforts to protect it. It is a particular disgrace that 77 members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus voted to support a resolution to chill constitutionally-protected speech, which demonstrates a dangerous degree of political incoherence.”

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July 23, 2019