CCR Statement on People’s Movement in Yemen, Violent State Attacks on Protestors

March 10, 2011 New York – In response to yesterday’s reports of brutal force being used against peaceful protesters in Yemen, the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) issued the following statement:
Yemeni authorities must end their deadly night raids and other attacks on protesters. There are reports that one protester was killed and an estimated 100 peaceful protesters were injured after the Yemeni government used live ammunition and tear gas against them in Sana’a late Tuesday.
The United States government and the international community must take a strong position against such violence and support the Yemeni people and the democracy they and the people of Tunisia, Egypt and Libya are fighting for. The current uprising, which includes thousands of women, men and students, is a clear indicator that the continuing repressive and anti-democratic status quo in Yemen cannot and will no longer be tolerated by the people. We urge the Obama administration and the international community to support the political transition from the repression of the corrupt Saleh regime that is being catalyzed by the Yemeni people in their demands for democracy. 
We are deeply inspired by the Yemeni people’s struggle for democracy and the freedom to determine the future of their own nation, even in the face of violent attacks from the government. This is a cause for hope.


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March 10, 2011