CCR Executive Director Applauds Muslim Ban Court Ruling 

February 9, 2017, New York – In response to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals’ ruling on Trump’s Muslim Ban, Center for Constitutional Rights Executive Director Vince Warren issued the following statement:

We applaud the 9th Circuit for standing up to Trump’s radical executive overreach and unconstitutional Muslim travel ban. In the chaos loosed by this administration, people with valid green cards and visas were detained for hours in airports around the country without food or access to lawyers, coerced into signing away the entry status they had been given, and forcibly carried onto planes to be deported. 
The court sent a strong and correct message that our Constitution can under no circumstances abide religious discrimination even when it’s cloaked in the politics of fear and false national security narratives.
When the president is trying to force through unlawful, unwise, and ill-considered policies at this dizzying pace, it is the role of the judicial branch – and the People – to put a stop to it. We suspect this won’t be the last time the judiciary is called in to put out a fire recklessly lit by this administration. 
As this case likely progresses to the Supreme Court, the courts must consider that it is not only the usurpation of power by an executive that can destroy our democratic values and institutions, but its judgment, veracity, and malicious intent. 

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February 9, 2017