‘We’re Going to Be Finding Bodies’: Local Officials, Advocates Say Border Patrol Is Dropping Immigrants in ‘Basically the Middle of Nowhere’

April 2, 2021
Law & Crime

...“The thing is, Border Patrol has long implemented punitive policies to deter migration,” Angelo Guisado, staff attorney at the Center for Constitutional Rights told Law&Crime. “In 1994 they used ‘prevention through deterrence’ to force migrants to cross through the harshest terrain possible—it costs hundreds of migrant lives every year. Now, once they arrive, they’re leaving them in remote, underresourced areas, forcing a second or third leg to safety–it’s needlessly cruel. And, the real kicker is, who is responsible for search, rescue, and safekeeping if these individuals get lost out there? That same agency that imperiled them in the first place: Border Patrol.” ...

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April 2, 2021