Ugandan Rights Activist: U.S. Conservatives Exported Anti-LGBTQ Hate That Led to “Kill the Gays” Law

June 1, 2023
Democracy Now!

...In 2012, my organization, that was shut down last year in August by the government, Sexual Minorities Uganda, together with partners, Center for Constitutional Rights, CCR, based in New York, we filed a case against Scott Lively. You know, you can find the information on CCR’s website and so on. We did that because, for us, it was important to take homophobia, all institutionalized homophobia, back to where it came from. And it came from Scott Lively, so we wanted to take it back to him. And the courts had asked — unfortunately, there was a jurisdiction issue. Scott Lively appeared in the case. But then, again, it was ruled in our favor anyway.

So, these are things that we are going to continue doing, taking homophobia back where it belongs, even if it means us losing our lives. Yes, government wants to put, you know, advocates and actually LGBTIQ persons to death, but we are also prepared, until the last drop of our blood, as long as we live our truth in this country...

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June 1, 2023