June 30, 2021
LPE Project

...In this series, George Bisharat looks at private action and violence of the “frontier rabble” as a principal means of the settler colonial state’s expansion. He notes that private violence is a “feature, not a bug, of Israeli settler colonialism.”  Darryl Li describes the racialized origins of Israeli colonialism as in part fueled by the movement of private capital from the rest of the world to Palestine. This piece starts to look more deeply at this private form of support, particularly as it flows from the United States through the vehicle of charities, as another form of third-state action (or inaction) that also entails third-state responsibility. Such deeper scrutiny is all the more timely as the Israeli authorities this week enter into another round of mass-demolition of Palestinian homes and stores in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan in order to make way for a “biblical park” that has been heavily backed by U.S.-based private foundations.  ...

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June 30, 2021