In strange twist, Scott Lively declares victory in Uganda LGBT lawsuit

August 14, 2018
Boston Globe

...Pamela C. Spees, the lead attorney for the plaintiffs and a lawyer at the Center for Constitutional Rights, which is representing SMUG for free, scoffed at the idea Lively notched a victory in the appeals court ruling.

“They clearly wanted the language taken out. It stayed in the [lower court] opinion,” she said. “They can spin it all they want, but they didn’t need to take it up on appeal to have it stated” that Ponsor’s thoughts on Lively’s conduct were not a binding legal ruling.

In a statement, SMUG’s executive director, Frank Mugisha, said the case has always been about “doing everything we can to stop the export of hatred into Uganda and to protect our community against the persecution.”

And he claimed a victory of his own. After all the litigation, Mugisha said, “we have made the record of Lively’s persecution clear through this case.” ...

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August 17, 2018