South Africa presents the case against Israel’s genocide in Gaza: Day 1 of South Africa v. Israel

January 11, 2024

...Genocidal intent is “not out on the fringes,” Ngcukaitobi told the judges. It’s “embodied in state policy.” 

Outside observers agree.

“These are not rhetorical statements,” Katie Gallagher, senior staff attorney with the U.S. Center for Constitutional Rights, told Mondoweiss. “Israeli officials at this level say what they mean and then do what they say.”

“If there were a provisional measures decision that comes out from the ICJ, it [would make] crystal clear to the United States, to Western powers, to all states that they are under an obligation, a binding obligation, to take measures to prevent genocide and to cease any assistance to genocide,” says Katie Gallagher, with the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR).

As it happens, the CCR is in the midst of a lawsuit against Joe Biden, Antony Blinken and Lloyd Austin at a California District Court on behalf of a half dozen Palestinian NGOs and individual plaintiffs. They are seeking an injunction halting U.S. military support for Israel and anticipate that a provisional measures order from the ICJ, in South Africa’s case, would strengthen theirs...

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January 11, 2024