React-O-Mat™: Cuomo delivers 2020 State of the State

February 6, 2020
Times Union

...Nahal Zamani, spokesperson for the Communities United for Police Reform:

We’re disappointed in Governor Cuomo’s failure to address reducing police violence and improving police accountability and transparency in New York State. Recent cases of police misconduct and the consistent lack of accountability when police engage in activity that harms the community are clear indicators that it is beyond time for New York to join the majority of other states in increasing transparency of police misconduct records. We urge Governor Cuomo and state legislative leaders to pass the Safer NY Act in the 2020 legislative session. While we’re heartened that Gov. Cuomo’s address mentioned the long overdue need to legalize marijuana, it’s imperative that these efforts ensure  tax revenues received from legalization are reinvested back into the communities who have historically been most harmed by the criminalization of marijuana.

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February 6, 2020