A prisoner is still in GITMO after he served his time. Now, he's suing for release

July 1, 2022

...One of his lawyers, Wells Dixon of the Center for Constitutional Rights, is with us to explain the details of that lawsuit. Hi, Wells.


PFEIFFER: Your client, Majid Khan, is not the first Guantanamo prisoner to have sued over alleged unlawful imprisonment, and his case is unlike the others. Would you explain what makes him unique?

DIXON: His case is unique because Majid pled guilty more than a decade ago to various offenses and has been cooperating with U.S. authorities since that time. And he's now completed his sentence, but he's still detained at Guantanamo. And, really, everybody is waiting to see what happens to Majid Khan because in a certain respect, he is the key to resolving the military commission cases at Guantanamo. And that in turn is a key to closing the prison at Guantanamo. ...

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July 10, 2022