Obama's 'non-traditional' swansong speech

January 12, 2016
Al Jazeera

...Shane Kadidal, a lawyer and Guantanamo specialist at the Center for Constitutional Rights, a legal charity, urged Obama to live up to his promise of closing the jail and ending the dubious process of caging suspects rather than giving them a day in court.

"Obama's plan for closing Guantanamo is no mystery. It involves transferring the men who have been cleared, moving others to the US for trial or continued indefinite detention, closing the prison in Cuba and declaring mission accomplished," Kadidal told Al Jazeera.

"Even then, such a closure will be meaningless if the system of detention without charge can go on indefinitely. As long as that remains his plan, no amount of frantic manoeuvring this year will allow him to truly accomplish what he promised at the start of his presidency."

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January 13, 2016