Obama Just Released 10 Percent of the Detainees at Guantanamo Bay

January 14, 2016

...Ghazi was captured when he was 17 years old. He was accused of being an Islamic extremist who traveled to Afghanistan to take part in violent jihad, trained for less than two weeks at an al Qaeda training camp, and was involved in combat action against the US and Coalition forces at Tora Bora. He was originally cleared for release a decade ago, and was then cleared again after Obama took office. His attorney, Omar Farah at the Center for Constitutional Rights in New York City, said Ghazy's detention was "unnecessary."

"Almost 14 years ago to the day, Fahd arrived at Guantánamo as a boy, shackled and hooded," Farha said. "Today, finally, he is free. While Fahd and his family look to the future, I cannot help but reflect on how cruel his detention was and marvel at how Fahd preserved his humanity throughout." ...

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January 20, 2016