The NYPD’s Disgraceful History Chronicled in New Report

May 19, 2023
The Indypendent

…After a sustained legal campaign driven by the Center for Constitutional Rights, in 2012 Federal Judge Shira Scheindlin ruled the department’s widespread stop and frisk practice to be unconstitutional. Mayor Michael Bloomberg and NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly fought back hard, arguing that the proactive approach reduced crime in minority neighborhoods. Bill de Blasio made ending “the stop-and-frisk era” a central plank in his successful 2013 run.

De Blasio, however, antagonized criminal-justice activists by naming Bratton as his first police commissioner, thus reviving the controversies surrounding broken windows. The final chapters of “Notorious” review the major events of the last decade, from the Eric Garner saga through the George Floyd protests. PROP’s own court monitoring steadily finds that nearly 90% of the NYPD’s current arrests involve people of color…

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May 19, 2023