In Louisiana’s ‘Cancer Alley,’ a Black community battles an industry that threatens its health—and history

November 20, 2020
Popular Science

...At that point, Formosa was legally required to share its discovery of human remains only with law enforcement and the Louisiana Division of Archaeology. In January 2020, a month after learning about the excavation results through a public records request, RISE and other advocacy organizations like the Center for Biological Diversity and the Louisiana Bucket Brigade filed a lawsuit against the US Army Corps of Engineers. The activists accused the agency of wrongly granting Formosa its permits, partly on the grounds that the company failed to properly identify possible burials on the complex and inform the community. The Center for Constitutional Rights commissioned an archaeological report from a third firm, Coastal Environments, Inc. That analysis, released in March 2020, found anomalies that could indicate an additional five gravesites. It also revealed that Formosa’s consultants had likely dug in the wrong spot when they examined the former Acadia plantation. ...

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November 20, 2020