It’s Known as “Death by Incarceration.” These People Want to End It.

February 26, 2024
The Nation

...In 2020, at age 67, she became the lead plaintiff in a six-person lawsuit filed by the Abolitionist Law Center, the Amistad Law Project, and the Center for Constitutional Rights arguing that Pennsylvania’s mandatory life sentences for felony murder were unconstitutional. The court dismissed the suit, ruling that the plaintiffs could only challenge their extreme sentences through a direct appeal or a post-conviction relief petition, both of which must be filed within a short window of time. But given that the six had collectively served 199 years in prison, they had long passed those deadlines. Now, they are watching Derek Lee’s challenge to see what their own futures might hold.

“We are being put to death because we die here,” Scott wrote...

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February 26, 2024