I’m a Trans Woman Locked in a Men’s Prison. I’m Fighting to Be Free

May 17, 2021

...With my legal team at the Center for Constitutional Rights and the Southern Poverty Law Center, I’m once again challenging my placement in a men’s prison, along with the GDC’s failure to keep me safe and provide the care I need. The Department of Justice (DOJ) even recently filed a statement of interest in my case, but because I’ve stood up for myself, prison staff are retaliating. We’ve had to seek an emergency court order to protect me, and I’m asking to be transferred immediately to a women's prison for my safety. We had a hearing before a judge on Wednesday.

In the court filing, we described how prison officials altered my files to change my security designation from victim to perpetrator and pressured another prisoner to lie and say I sexually assaulted him. When he refused, they put him in prolonged solitary confinement. They’ve been papering me with rule violations that are either completely made up or based on tiny infractions, such as insubordination or “unauthorized possession” of plastic safety scissors they gave me for an arts and crafts project. It’s vindictive. ...

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May 17, 2021