‘Guantanamo North’ prison units in the Midwest are under fire for their harsh conditions. After 10 years, one man is still fighting his case.

December 6, 2019
Chicago Tribune

...The special prison units have become known as “Guantanamo North” for their historically high rates of Muslim prisoners — 70% when they opened, according to the Center for Constitutional Rights, a nonprofit legal advocacy organization based in New York. They were set up originally under the George W. Bush administration for inmates who were deemed by the federal Bureau of Prisons to need extra communication monitoring. The special units quickly came under fire because there was no public hearing held before they were opened and because 45 of the first 55 inmates sent to the units were Muslim.

A still-pending lawsuit filed by the center in 2010 on behalf of Jayyousi and several other inmates called the units “an experiment in social isolation” and argued that this kind of incarceration is unlawful. ...

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December 6, 2019