A Growing List of Lawmakers and Groups Support Impeaching Trump or Invoking the 25th Amendment

January 8, 2021
Common Dreams

...Center for Constitutional Rights

"We cannot risk another day of Trump in power. The vice president or Trump's cabinet must invoke the 25th Amendment, or Congress must impeach him and immediately remove him from the White House because he is not fit for office, poses a danger to our country, and is capable of creating even more desperate chaos in his remaining days in office. Trump has been inciting racial violence and emboldening white supremacists for his entire career, from calling for the death penalty for the Black teenagers wrongly convicted in the Central Park jogger case, to challenging [former President Barack] Obama's birth certificate, to invoking Mexican 'rapists' when he announced his candidacy, to almost every policy he has enacted and action he has taken as president, right up to directly inducing yesterday's violence by instructing his supporters to march down Pennsylvania Avenue and head to Congress in a show of 'strength,' and telling them 'we love you' after they had done his violent bidding and taken over the Capitol building."...

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January 8, 2021