Families of People Killed by NYPD Brace for Eric Adams to Veto Criminal Justice Reform Bills

January 21, 2024
The Intercept

... “Stops are increasing, the number of police killings are increasing, the racial disparity in who is being stopped is increasing,” said Samah Sisay, staff attorney at the Center for Constitutional Rights, part of the coalition of more than 100 groups backing the police accountability measures. “It feels like in a lot of ways, a lot of the progress that was made post-Floyd, post the stop-and-frisk litigation in 2013 — it feels like a lot of that is being reverted.”

Sisay added, “This is the time when the mayor should really be thinking about how this heightened transparency could increase safety and well-being of Black and brown New Yorkers, but instead they’re engaged in fear-mongering and spreading of misinformation about what the bill does.” ...

Claims by Adams, his administration, and police that opposition to the measures are in the interest of public safety are misleading to the public, said Sisay, the Center for Constitutional Rights attorney. 

“In reality,” Sisay said, “if they truly cared about safety and the well-being of Black and brown New Yorkers, they would really be trying to figure out how to make the NYPD more transparent and accountable.” ...

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January 21, 2024