The Core Injustice Is Indefinite Detention

January 23, 2016

... The Bush administration opened Guantanamo to create a prison that was beyond the reach of any law.  They explicitly chose it so that the US Constitution and other law would not apply.  In their minds, the nature of US control over that base meant that international law wouldn’t apply, Cuban law wouldn’t apply.  It was meant to be an area where they could use torture and other brutal interrogation tactics as they wanted, where they could hold people without charge, where they could conduct trials without basic due process protections.  It was meant mostly for that purpose and, in addition, to be far removed so that could easily be hidden from the conscience of most Americans, and out of sight, out of mind, in a place where they could bring whoever they wanted whenever they wanted for as long as they wanted. ....

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January 25, 2016