City Council Has a Golden Opportunity to Stop Discriminatory Policing – Will It Do the Right Thing?

June 2013
Huffington Post

by Nahal Zamani, Center for Constitutional Rights Advocacy Manager

"This week presents a pivotal moment for the New York City Council to do their share in the citywide movement to end the massive violation of rights resulting from the abuse of policing practices like stop and frisk. Currently pending before the Council is theCommunity Safety Act, a landmark legislative package that aims to protect New Yorkers against racially discriminatory policing and create an independent mechanism for transparency and accountability in the NYPD. Despite coming under constant fire from the mayor, Commissioner Kelly, and most recently, the police union, this legislation already has majority support in the City Council, over 30 City Council members have signed onto each bill, and only a few more City Council members are needed to ensure it will carry past a mayoral veto. ..."

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July 2, 2013