Another Guantánamo ‘forever prisoner’ makes appeal for release

December 8, 2015
Miami Herald

A lawyer for a New York civil liberties group is pledging her firm’s support — from lining up mental health care to financial aid — for a long-held Yemeni captive seeking release from the national security parole board.

Zahir Hamdoun, 36, and his family realize that return to his civil war stricken Arabian Sea nation from 13 years at Guantánamo is not possible, his advocates wrote the Obama administration’s Periodic Review Board ahead of Tuesday’s hearing.

So if allowed to be released to another country, attorney Pardiss Kebriaei said her Center for Constitutional Rights is prepared to offer years of long-term support ranging from “financial assistance and referrals for needs large and small, ranging from live-in interpreters and mental health care, to laptops and language CDs.” ...

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December 8, 2015