American Muslims remember how 9/11 changed America as they knew it

September 10, 2021
PBS Newshour

...Baher, what about you? Have you experienced those same kinds of things you heard Farhana talking about?

Baher Azmy, Legal Director, Center for Constitutional Rights: "I was in New York that day and felt with — felt the horror that all fellow New Yorkers and other parts of the country felt.

"And I experienced some of it, but I think our focus, as a human rights community, turned or had to turn fairly quickly to what I would call a human rights crisis created by the Bush administration against Muslims, externally through two massive military interventions in sovereign Muslim nations and the development of offshore prisons to conduct interrogation and torture, and then almost immediately also domestically through mass sweeps of Muslim communities and detentions of non-citizen Muslims, with the presumption that they were terrorist suspects simply because they may have committed civil immigration violations."...

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September 21, 2021