20 Years After Start of 'War on Terror', Groups Demand Closure of Gitmo 'Once and For All'

October 8, 2021
Common Dreams

...On the 20th anniversary of the official launch of the so-called "Global War on Terror," a coalition of progressive advocacy groups on Monday demanded that U.S. President Joe Biden finally shut down the military prison at Guantánamo Bay Naval Base, where more than three dozen people are still being detained indefinitely in violation of their human rights.

"It's long past time for the Biden administration to close Guantánamo prison and end indefinite detention once and for all."
—Carolyn Fiddler, Daily Kos

Former Guantánamo prisoner Mansoor Adayfi and campaigners from MPower Change, Justice for Muslims Collective, Daily Kos, Amnesty International, and the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) are set to hold an online event and in-person rally in front of the White House at 3:00 pm ET to deliver a petition signed by over 300,000 individuals calling for an immediate and permanent closure of Gitmo. ...

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October 8, 2021