CCR Client Salah Hassan on his torture by U.S. forces inside Abu Ghraib

Democracy Now!
May 2014


Ten years after the first publication of photos from inside the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, Democracy Now! spoke to Al Jazeera journalist and Al Shimari v. CACI plaintiff Salah Hassan about his torture inside the facility. Hassan and other former prisoners are attempting to sue one of the private companies, CACI Premier Technology, that carried out interrogations at the prison. "Throughout my detainment in the solitary cells, there was an interrogation every two or three days," Hassan says. "During these interrogations, we were subjected to many psychological and physical torture methods. One of these methods was that you are kept naked, handcuffed, the hood on your head, then they would bring a big dog. You hear the panting and barking of the dog very close to your face."

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September 8, 2021