Guantanamo Newsletter

The Center for Constitutional Rights is pleased to announce a monthly newsletter: the Guantanamo Global Justice Initiative News Briefing.

The newsletter, which will be published monthly in English, Arabic and Dari, provides a brief overview of legal, advocacy, legislative, political, and other developments related to Guantanamo Bay, global detention and human rights.

We are seeking to provide this newsletter to be of assistance to human rights organizations, activists, families and individuals around the world who are working on detention issues or have been personally affected by detention issues, and who are playing a leading role on the ground in securing justice for the men held in Guantanamo Bay and elsewhere. We hope you find this newsletter to be helpful to you in your work.

If you have or know of other contacts or organizations who would be interested in receiving this newsletter on a monthly basis, please contact us using the contact form here on our website. Please also feel free to share your comments, thoughts and suggestions about the newsletter itself. In addition, please pass the newsletter along wherever you may find it helpful!


Last modified 

January 11, 2010