Guantánamo: Six Years Later

Four months after 9/11, on January 11, 2002, the U.S. military flew 20 prisoners from Afghanistan to the U.S. Naval Base at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. More would soon follow, as would allegations of torture and abuse, public outcry both at home and abroad over the mistreatment of detainees, and repeated calls for the closure of Guantánamo.

The six years since then have seen the total number of detainees rise to more than 750—some as young as ten years old, and others as old as eighty—and Guantánamo become a Kafkaesque symbol of the U.S. government’s deeply flawed “war on terror,” a place where the rule of law does not apply.

To download a brief report on the last six years, which includes a summary as well as a legal timeline, click on the link below.


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January 11, 2010